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New Special Dating Site matching made by psychologists


Find Your Life Partner on Munai

More than a dating site, a community of Love and Confidence

A special Dating Site where your matching is managed and advised by experts in interpersonal relationships.

Munai team is made up of psychologists, coaches and specialists in human relations with vast professional experience, who give you personalized attention on your path of personal growth and towards the encounter with love.

Our team designed an open-ended questionnaire , that help us to know you better and find people that resonate with you. We recommend you some match dating, but you are the one who decides who to interact with.

In Munai community you can find that life partner with whom to create a harmonious relationship based on understanding, complicity, joy, freedom and absolute involvement.

Munai is an open space for all kind of people, regardless of race, religious beliefs or sexual orientation; for all those, even going through either sad or happy experiences, have not lost faith that someone, somewhere, is waiting for them.

We are the channel between the people, the bridge between the twinflames, the invisible thread that joins hearts.

“Love like Light never stays hidden”


Munai offeres you resources and professional tools such as articles, tips, mantras, meditations and specific literature, which can help you both in personal development and in building harmonious relationships.

If you resonate with all this, come with us in the
Munai Frequency.

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