About first love

First love is this kind of person who will attract us throughout our life. It shows what we like, what we are attracted to, how we feel and what our pattern is. It is an incredible experience, because we are living something we have never experienced before, we are learning about the attraction between two people. We are projecting on the other person our whole reality, which we are not aware of.

It is the first experience in which feeling overcomes reason. First of all, because of age.  For many, the first love may be in kindergarten. So first love can be a kind of training for future love. It is like the moment when the child starts to discover the world and starts to take the first steps, the first step.

So it is with first love, in most cases it comes to prepare you for what will be, related to your love life.

First love teaches you to look outside yourself and improve yourself for the sake of someone else.

It teaches you to love someone unconditionally. It teaches you to give up pride to grow with someone.

These are valuable lessons that will help you in the relationships you form later in life.

In first love, we project all our beauty, of which we are not aware, onto the other.

If we work on ourselves, we learn to accept ourselves and see our own beauty, and we don’t need the other person to see it so much. And we meet people like us, who have accepted their beauty, their inner love. We no longer meet as half oranges, so that the other person can fill our emptiness, but we meet as whole parts, who come together and enjoy the journey…

After the end of the first love story, a period begins in which everything is at the opposite pole, the lack of love.  You have the impression that you will never love again, that you will always be betrayed or that your heart is no longer capable of feeling anything. And so, in our mind a lot of feelings are mixed up over time that, at some point, you almost want to go back to being that innocent child so you can start again with fresh strength and a positive attitude.

But this doesn’t happen when you start a new relationship, you tend to bring the bricks that the previous relationship was built with and just build the same house when you really want to have a new one.

Some things don’t last forever, but some things do. A good book, a memory that you take with you everywhere and share with everyone because it is part of you and it defines you and makes you who you are today.

So it is with this first love, it is part of who you are now and it is in vain to deny it, better to accept it and embrace it as yourself.

by Luisa

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