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Eternal and Unconditional

Munai is an open space for all kind of people, regardless of race, religious beliefs or sexual orientation.

Munay / Munai (in oral language), in Quechua , an ancestral language from the Andes, means Eternal and Unconditional Love; a deep connection from soul to soul, with nature and with Mother Earth.

We are a team of specialists in human relationships that will accompany you throughout the beautiful process of finding your love.

Our mission is your happiness, because the happiness of each person counts.

Munai dating site was born from the deep desire to offer joy and light in people’s lives and unite those who are soulmates.

The open-ended questionnaire designed by our experts is first of all an opportunity to reflect about  most important aspects of the relationship with yourself and implicitly about the relationship with the other.

Compatibility is much more than similarity of opinions or preferences. It means complementing each other, joining, merging without ceasing, to be oneself, mutually enriching.

A relationship between two people is alive, it is in constant motion, it is an infinite construction and an adaptation to each other, a friendship and a compromise to grow together.

In a world where the human conection is increasingly tense, where it is more difficult to get closer than to stay away, easier to separate than to meet, Munai offers you a space of trust and harmony.

Perhaps the people you meet on this page will not accompany you for life, but we suggest you to take care of their feelings as they cross your path.

An authentic, real and solid love relationship is based on self-knowledge and self-care. For this reason our Blog also offers you resources and tools for personal development that invite you to discover yourself and sustain yourself on the basis of a healthy and satisfying relationship.

A great love story begins with self-love and every relationship is like a mirror that helps us  to know ourselves better.

If you are ready to love and be loved, open your heart and

Enjoy the Experience!

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