Love at Second Sight

A few days ago, by the “coincidences” of life, I met again this Great Love that I was crazy about 10 years ago….

Instantly, all the passion, the madness, the travels, the jealousy, all the history we had lived together gushed in my head.

Like most passionate relationships, this one faded just as quickly as it ignited, leaving behind another heartbreak in my life, but also sweet memories wrapped in the magic of being in love.

When we met again after such a long time, it seemed that all the bad things faded away and a more mature, deeper understanding of life had left behind all the unpleasant experiences, to let the most beautiful memories of our time together blossom. After catching up on the most recent aspects of our life, almost without speaking, just by looking at each other, we decided to escape to the sea for a few days together. The sea was always present in our past relationship, and it was like going back in time looking for the spark that brought us together.

Like two teenagers running away from home, we left our daily lives behind and, each with our own backpack, we took a train to the sea.

A journey more inwards than outwards.

It had been so long since I had taken the train that the journey itself was like a trip back in time.

The days we spent together were calm and serene, of love, affection and care, each in his own world but also sharing beautiful moments.

It was by looking at each other that we discovered what Love should really be: sharing without attachments, loving each other with freedom, living in the moment and not thinking at all about the future, just being, Being.

For both of us these days were like a breath of fresh air, a return to oneself without dwelling on the past.

The moments passed quickly and I was surprised to find myself so serene in the presence of someone with whom I had experienced so many ups and downs.

And suddenly I realised that it was not him but me who had changed my way of seeing things, my way of looking at Life.

Self-absorbed, but well accompanied, I stopped surrendering myself to the future of life, I gave myself to treat others from the present, without attachments, without longings and above all without expectations.

And all this gave the experience such a Valuable Now that I felt that I no longer chose to experience life, but that Life simply inhabited me.

How good it feels to live in the Present, I thought….

As we said goodbye, for a second looking back, I stepped out of myself to give him a big hug, wanting to kind of capture that moment forever.

But instantly I remembered the price to pay for it, to get away from me again.

So, I came back to me, I returned to that home of the heart where no one is missing and nothing is more…

by Simo Sunshine



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