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Updated on 06.12.2021


MUNAI SRL, is the operator of personal data within the meaning of EU Regulation) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repeal of Directive 95/46 / EC.

“MUNAI” is the brand under which the company operates, as you will find below

Identification data of the Operator MUNAI S.R.L:

Company: MUNAI S.R.L.

Headquarters: ROMANIA




We process cookies in a legitimate and legal way, without violating the rights and freedoms of users, in compliance with personal data protection legislation Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and Law no. 190/2018 as well as the legislation on personal data protection and data security, Directive 2002/58 / EC on personal data security and protection of confidentiality in the public communications sector and Law no. 506 of November 17, 2004 on the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy in the electronic communications sector.

WHAT IS AND WHAT IS THE ROLE OF A COOKIEA cookie is a small non-executable file. This file consists of numbers and letters, it is not a software program running in the terminal / computer, and it does not contain viruses or spyware. It cannot access / read information from the user’s HD.It will also be found under names such as “Browser Cookie” or “Internet Cookie”.By placing a cookie in a user’s terminal, information is stored that allows the site to recognize a specific browser. The server will thus recognize the browser as long as the cookie will be active (until it expires or expires).Cookies are legal and useful tools that an operator uses to:- to ensure the normal functionality of the site;- for efficient design analysis;- to create anonymous statistics and profiles on user behavior on the site;- to ensure different functionalities and personalization of certain site settings such as:§ logging on to the site and retaining the logging data to support the future experience of the users;§ the language in which the site is accessed and viewed;§ maintaining / retaining certain user preferences regarding the products in the shopping cart, making the user easy access to his preferences, keeping the products in the shopping cart;§ functionalities of multimedia applications (or similar) from other sites to run on the site, in order to improve and add value to the experience on the site;§ ensuring the security of online banking;§ keeping a user logged in to his account from the site (or e-mail);§ the option of setting the currency to express some prices / fees / tariffs.- for the efficiency of the advertising made on the site or through third parties;- to verify the identity of users engaged in online transactions or to ensure the security of the site and transactions;            BEWARE OF WHICH COOKIES ARE DISABLEDAs we have shown, Cookies are important parts for the internet browsing to be carried out in good conditions, using the technology we have at this time.We all have a legal obligation to inform users about the cookies used, because these cookie placements represent the processing of personal data.You also have the right to set preferences for the use of cookies on a particular site, and we respect these rights.However, given the functions and role played by these cookies, it is necessary to be very careful when disabling cookies and to do so only after you have fully understood their role.There are sites that will no longer work properly or completely if you disable / reject all cookies used.We must inform you that disabling cookies does not necessarily mean that “we will get rid of advertising” but only that the user will no longer receive relevant advertising, just advertising based on his preferences and interests, which could have been highlighted with the data collected by cookies from the user’s browsing behavior.   “THIRD PARTY COOKIES” – THIRD PARTY COOKIESSome functionalities or sections of a site may exist on the site due to their provision by third parties (third parties). They may place cookies through another site, because they are not transmitted by the owner of that site. Third party cookies: Facebook, Twitter, Linkdin etc.On certain pages, third parties may set anonymous sets of cookies, which aim to monitor a specific application, to customize it later or to track its performance, according to data collected anonymously. The site on which these cookies are placed cannot access this type of cookie, because they do not belong to the site, but to a third party, just as no third party has access to the cookies of the reference site.Thus, when you access the buttons on the site for the associated social network, cookies will be processed by the respective social network, and not by the site from which you clicked on the button of the social network; the same happens when content is distributed on the site, on social networks, not the site will process cookies, but the social network on which the content was distributed.            HOW LONG ARE COOKIES PROCESSEDThe validity period of a cookie depends on the purpose for which that cookie is used.There are persistent cookies that are retained on the site and are used each time the user accesses the site. These can be set to a specified period of validity.There are cookies valid per session, which means that after the user leaves the site, they are no longer retained.The validity of the cookies used by this site can be seen in the section dedicated to information on the types of cookies used, with all the details and related information. CONSENT. THE RIGHT OF OPPOSITION. WITHDRAWAL OF CONSENTWe do not implicitly follow the browsing experience of users on the site without their consent. You can set your preferences or accept all data processing. You can also reject them all; in this case, only strictly necessary cookies will remain active.You can also set your “Do not track” preferences. Depending on the browser you are using, this feature is available. If you use Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, you can set this option.If you activate the “Do not track” option, our site will respect this option. You can also set this option in case you want the sites to stop following the activity, including in the situation in which you initially expressed your consent. It is a way of withdrawing your consent.If you have not activated “Do not Track”, a pop-up will appear on the site from where you can set your cookie preferences, so you can decide if you agree with the processing, in which case you will accept cookies or not. you agree to the processing, in which case you will not accept cookies.In case you want to withdraw your consent, it is necessary to go to the browser settings and delete the browser’s browsing history. The operation will delete the cookies for all the sites visited.However, if you want cookies to be deleted only for a certain site (withdrawal of consent to the processing) it is necessary to go to the browser’s privacy settings ›››››› “All cookies and site data” and delete all cookies related to that site.You can also withdraw your consent through the withdrawal form or by setting “modify / change consent”.            WHAT COOKIES PROCESS THIS SITEThis site uses cookies to ensure the functionality of the site, to ensure various optimizations of the site and for the interaction on this site to be beneficial.Below is a complete information on all the cookies used on this site:

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SECURITY POLICYENSURING THE SECURITY AND CONFIDENTIALITY OF THE PROCESSINGWe keep the data safe and we have implemented a series of measures to secure the processing.The site is SSL secured, which is a security standard (Secure Sockets Layer) developed by Netscape, also known as HTTPS. The SSL certificate secures the exchange of information, encrypting the information so that it can only be decrypted by the server to which it is addressed. It ensures the security of the information along the route, as this way the information will not be able to be modified or stolen.SSL protocol technology is designed to ensure adequate connection security and to ensure that third parties cannot intercept information for further unauthorized processing.The operator has taken measures to ensure that all reports generated on the site are processed by authorized and qualified persons through internal and / or outsourced services, so as to minimize the risk of loss, theft, unauthorized use of data processed through cookies, access being thus restricted.Cookies are processed according to legitimate purposes, determined and on which users are informed in advance.The operator has taken steps to limit the processing in order to avoid storing the data for a longer period than necessary in order to transmit the information or to achieve the purpose originally set, within the meaning of point 21 of the recitals of the e-Privacy Directive (EC).The operator has taken steps to prevent unauthorized access to data, within the meaning of point (21) of the e-Privacy Directive.            The operator has implemented measures to minimize the processing of personal data and where possible the personal data have been anonymized, in order to limit the processing.As a method of minimizing the data processed, we do not collect IP. The IP will be masked / anonym so that the operator cannot access it. IP masking makes it impossible to identify a visitor / person / user.In some cases, your IP is also processed. As stated in Google’s policy, the IP address is processed for a short period of time and is geocoded (transformed) into areas to which the user has access.If we use third party technologies, we do not have access to your IP address. The association of aggregated data cannot be done from within third party platforms, with the data collected directly through its own server.Regarding the security and safety of the use of cookies, it is necessary to know that these “plain text” files are not viruses and cannot contain viruses. Since they are not made up of codes, they cannot be executed or run automatically by the operating system, so they cannot be duplicated or replicated on other networks to replicate. However, cookies could be used as a form of Spyware, as they store the history and browsing preferences of people / users. Usually, browsers have built-in settings that provide different levels of cookie acceptance or validity or even automatic deletion in some cases.Below you will find a number of accessible recommendations to increase the security of internet browsing and prevent unauthorized access to data.Recommendations to increase security for users§ access the internet only using secure WI-FI networks;§ install antispyware applications; be careful, however, they must be constantly updated;§ set the browser according to the security level of the use of cookies accepted by you or set the deletion of cookies as soon as you have closed the browsing session, in case you want them not to be maintained;§ periodically update your browser to prevent attackers from exploiting vulnerabilities in older versions of browsers;§ do not access untrustworthy sites.ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONIf you need additional information regarding the processing of personal data, you can request them at:

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