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Terms and  ConditionsMUNAIlast update on 07.12.2021THE “MUNAI” Brand for you  and  your soulmate"MUNAI" is the brand that was born from love for love."MUNAI" did not appear by chance, is especially for you, because first of all, "MUNAI" is the place where you will find your balance and personal happiness.“MUNAI” is the trade name - Brand - under which the Company operates: MUNAY S.R.L. with headquarters in Romania e-mail: THAT YOU WILL FIND NEXTFault - Mistake / guilt that consists in the non-compliant / defective fulfillment of an obligation of one of the parties or in its non-fulfillment.Billing data - the sum of the data necessary to fulfill the legal billing obligation: name, surname and postal address.Supplier - third party in the relationship with customers, which supports the activity of "MUNAI" by providing products or services.Payment - the amount of money that will be paid to the service provider on the platform - the value of the services.The platform - the website, the property of "MUNAI", on which were added all the functionalities necessary to fulfill its economic activity.Service - consists of a service that can be done for a fee or free of charge, depending on our policy or current offers.Complaint - petition addressed to "MUNAI", in order to signal a negative situation in our relationship with us.Refund - the refund of amounts for which payment was not due or when the cancellation of a payment has been validated and confirmed.User - the person who uses our site.Order cancellation validation - our acceptance that an order can be canceled and for which the amounts already paid will be returned to the payer.OUR PARTNER IS YOU. THE CONTRACT WITH USWe are honest with our partners; therefore, everything you will find in this section is the contract between us.The contract represents the law of the parties and is concluded by the simple agreement of the parties. Your will to conclude the contract with us is manifested by registering on our platform. Before creating your account, you will agree to this contract, respectively the Terms and Conditions of use of the platform and the contract, expressing your will / agreement online, by checking the appropriate boxes, which take the place of signature / consent.You will find in the following the object of the contract, the contract price and the method of payment, the rights and obligations of both parties and the solution of your requests.We are happy to be your partner and encourage you to read the contract carefully.YOUR PERSONAL DATA IS SECURE AT "MUNAI"“MUNAI” processes personal data in accordance with the provisions of Regulation 679/2016 (EU) and only for the purposes and grounds for which they were collected and declared.With responsibility for your data, we have implemented in the company adequate technical and organizational measures, increasing the security of data processing, and only your authorized persons have access to your data. We do not disclose your personal data to third parties, except those for which you have been informed.We need your data mainly in providing our services and issuing the invoice and in some cases to offer you the latest promotions, offers and to inform you about our new services. All this in compliance with the GDPR and after prior information. In order to read all the information on the personal data processed and the conditions of the processing, we recommend you to read the GDPR Policy.A SIMPLE REGISTRATION PROCESS, THAT YOU CAN ENJOY THE PLATFORMIn order to enjoy the benefits of MUNAI as quickly as possible and to make the registration process as simple as possible, we have prepared a series of information, meant to guide you when needed:RegisterOn the platform you will be asked for a series of data to complete your profile, such as: nickname, e-mail address, age, location, current relationship type, sexual orientation, type of people you are looking for, date of birth, situation regarding children, education, occupation, body language, language in which you communicate, addictions, type of diet you normally use, data on pets, religion, hobbies, musical preferences, details about the relationship you are looking for, age, country.Not all of them are mandatory, but the more data you fill in, the better defined your profile will be.Account creationAfter completing your data, it is mandatory  to read the personal data processing policy, and as soon as you accept it, the process is completed.Account deletionYou should know that whenever you want to delete your account you will be able to do it extremely easily, by going to your account and requesting the deletion of the account. From then on, your data will be deleted from the platform; neither you nor anyone else will have access to them.After deleting your account, you will receive a message confirming its deleted.CHOOSE WHAT SUITS YOU. TYPES OF ACCOUNTSThe platform offers you two types of accounts:BASICPREMIUMThere are some differences between the two accounts, so you can choose what you think suits you best.BASIC accountThe basic account gives you complete freedom on the platform. You can access profiles, you can have discussions, send messages and you can meet your desired partner.PREMIUM accountThe premium account adds value to your personal experience and helps you find the partner that best suits your expectations and your personality.With a premium account, you have access to the Expert Mathcing service.What is Expert Mathcing? It is a service dedicated to you, if you want to meet people who are ideally suited to your psychological profile.After answering a questionnaire with questions, one of our psychologists will analyze your answers and define a psychological profile, helping you to find out which partner is the ideal partner for you, based of compatibility with it.LET'S TALK  ABOUT YOUR PRICEThe prices charged for subscriptions are displayed on the site correctly and transparently. We do not have hidden unjustified added costs and we do not practice unjustified tariffs. Our services are paid for one month.You will see the payment value in the platform after choosing the subscription that suits you.Payment will be made monthly, without automatic debiting of the account. Before the subscription period expires, you will be notified that you can renew your subscription for another month by paying.You should know that for online card payment, you must have a valid card and the payment amount available in your account.To make this online card transaction possible, we work with a payment processor that provides us with this secure payment service.If you choose to pay by card you will need to enter card details required by the platform. "MUNAI" does not collect data about your card and payments are made securely by the transaction processor. For details check the transaction processor's terms and conditions.After entering the data, by checking the box "I accept the Terms and Conditions" you will express your agreement on the requested services, total payment amount, payment method, your agreement meaning the mandate / express authorization of the payment processor to perform the payment operation by debiting the credit card account, the details of which you provided, with the amount of the order.Neither we nor the payment processor have access to the security features of the credit card or to the transaction authorization data known only to the bank where you opened the account.We do not take any responsibility for any security incidents that may occur in the payment process or later.REFUNDSIF YOU HAVE RECEIVED THE CANCELLATION VALIDATIONIn the event that an error is made from our side and you are entitled to a refund, we require an e-mail request in advance and wait for MUNAI to analyze your request and to get back to you regarding the payment cancellation.The refund of the amounts paid is made within 10-15 days from the date of receipt of the confirmation of validation of the cancellation of payment.The amount will be refunded to the account from which you made the payment.If the deadline expires on a Friday, the extract will be checked on Monday.If the deadline expires on a non-working day, the deadline is extended for the next working day.OUR PLATFORM ALSO HAS RULES.WE RECOMMEND YOU TO FOLLOW THEMThe platform and the entire content belong to "MUNAI".In order to use it, you must agree to the present terms and conditions in full.By using the platform you agree that you must refrain from any act that could lead to either disrupting our business or harming the brand image.Downloading elements from the site is illegal and these regulations and in the event that such actions are detected in our users activities, we reserve the right to file an official complaint and adress it in court.We also reserve the right to suspend your access to the platform if it is found that you have accessed the platform for the purpose of harassing or sabotaging our activity or as a result of finding the intervention of some bots in requesting services or other similar situations for which is not observed in the current activity, the human presence.Your account may be temporarily suspended until the situation is analyzed.Your account may be deleted for violating any of the rules you acknowledge in this document."MUNAI" is the trademark being registered and its use in any form will be made only with the prior authorization of the trademark owner.AGEIf you are under 18, this site is not for you. We have the patience to grow and join our community.Try to follow this rule, it is very important for us and especially for you.If you created an account by mistake, please delete your account. We reserve the right to verify the reality of the data provided, to restrict your access and to take any legal action that we would find justified in case we notice that you have violated this rule.A COMMON SENSE REGULATION WHICH YOU ASSUME WHEN YOU CREATE AN ACCOUNT Here is the approach you should take on the MUNAI platform to help ensure a proper climate:  do not engage in harassment;do not use the platform to commit acts contrary to the law or good morals; do not post sexual or pornographical explicit content; do not use the site for purposes other than those for which it was created; refrain from any form of abuse, violence (including language) obscene or offensive language is prohibited; do not use the platform for prostitution crimes, you will not try to recruit members or lure them by using false pretexts or identities; do not disturb the good development of another user's experience or the activity of the platform; do not persecute, assault, harass, hurt, abuse, defame and harm no one; do not attempt to post / transmit through the platform, any material that incites hatred, racism, discrimination, violence, bigotry, physical damage of any kind against any group or individual and other similar acts and you will not post / upload any viruses, malware or other materials prohibited by law; do not use false information about yourself. The nickname is the only aspect you can use to not reveal your real name; do not use data from the platform for sending spam, to cheat or solicit money from any other member; do not use the service for any purpose that is illegal or prohibited, harmful or inappropriate by this Regulation; do not post photos of other people and you will not download photos without their permission; do not post any content that infringes any person's rights, including advertising, privacy, copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights or that are in contradiction to this Regulation; do not request passwords for any purpose or personal information of a person for commercial or illegal purposes and do not disseminate the personal data of another person without his permission; do not provide anyone with your bank details, passwords, pins and other security elements; do not send money by bank transfer or otherwise to other members and you will not request money from other members through the platform; do not use another member's account, do not share your account with another member; do not create another account if I have closed your account, unless you have the express and explicit permission of MUNAI.EVERYTHING IS WELL DONE IN MUNAI SITE. ARE THERE ANY ERRORS?We try to offer you only quality services. We admit, however, that errors sometimes can occur. We take responsibility where the fault lies with us and we are open to finding solutions together. When something goes wrong, please let us know.THERE ARE ALSO ASPECTS THAT WE DO NOT TAKE RESPONSABILITYDISCLAIMER OF MUNAI RESPONSIBILITY AND SAFETY RECOMMENDATIONS"MUNAI" takes permanent measures to limit any malfunctions of the platform.We try to maintain security on the platform at an adequate level and constantly monitored and updated; you can find details in the GDPR Policy.But there are things that we either can't control, or there may be a delay period from our platform to fix, so we don't take responsibility for:Anything related to a cyber attack on servers and / or virus infection, as well as the consequences that could result from these attacks;Errors or omissions in the functionality of the platform or in the display of accounts / profiles;Assignment of the contract. We can at any time transfer parts of the business, outsource some services or contract with new suppliers;Information that may be provided to you by an unauthorized person in this regard;Abusive use of the platform that would lead to harm to users / members;Periods of platform downtime due to server issues and the like;Lack of: response / confirmation / delays, omissions, errors due to platform malfunctions due to viruses or other programs with the role of sabotaging computer systems or similar;Temporary suspension of activity during the quarantine of a region, isolation of staff, legal provisions intended to restrict the exercise of certain rights or any other legal decisions that would have an impact on our activity;Accounts suspended or inaccessible due to the suspension of the activity of the platform;Although we make every effort for you to enjoy an excellent experience and to meet ideal people, MUNAI cannot be held responsible for members' responses, their implicit or explicit actions.MUNAI is not responsible for the behavior of users outside the platform, for their actions in private discussions and does not assume responsibility for damages caused as a result of meetings with inappropriate people.By accepting these terms and conditions, you agree to proceed with caution in any interaction with other users, especially in situations where you choose to communicate or interact outside of the service provided by the platform (off-platform). .CAREFUL!RESPONSIBILITY FOR ALL ACTIONS, INTERACTIONS / MEETINGS WITH OTHER USERS / MEMBERS IS YOURS ENTIRELY.MUNAI DOES NOT INVESTIGATE A CRIMINAL HISTORY AND CANNOT GUARANTEE THE PSYCHOLOGICAL, EMOTIONAL AND CONDUCT OF USERS 'HEALTH.COMPATIBILITY TESTS ARE MADE EXCLUSIVELY ON THE BENEFICIARY'S SINCERITY AND MONEY'S ANSWERS CANNOT GUARANTEE THE RESPONDENT'S SINCERITY.TIME MEANS CHANGE.YOUR SUGGESTIONS SUPPORT OUR PROGRESSWe would like to keep in touch with you and count on our open communication. I grew up because I was receptive and I always learned. Your suggestions help us and you can share them with us at any time. We will think about them and apply them where possible.You can share them with us by e-mail: DIDN'T WORK? WE ARE OPEN TO FIND SOLUTIONSIf something didn't work out, let us know. We assure you that we are trying to fix all the problems. Send us your message through the contact form on the platform and you will be contacted by our customer relations representative.Please note that you must provide us with the correct contact details in order to be able to contact you as soon as possible.We will definitely find solutions together.Thank you for your respect in reading the terms and conditions of this partnership!

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