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Today, in this short article written to highlight the importance of Love as an implicit truth, in some human beings, that guides and helps them not only to sustain their days but also to share and cope with the difficulties of living in created Societies (in the majority of countries) more to compete and win (or to promote the economic, the material and the apparent) than to try to balance or harmonize the Society and relationships ; I would like to highlight, the importance of two issues within that we “supposedly do” to get closer to Love and to live in it :

– Know our truth and be loyal to it.

– Leave a mark or legacy of who we are ; With or without money, with or without a partner and with or without that, we think we would need for this world to be a little better and to be remembered, more for the good done and said than for the bad we learned.

Yes, in this writing directed to those who practice an “Active Consumerism” or for those who practice an “Active Spirituality” ; I will try to remember that,

“Knowing that we do not all have the same circumstances, possibilities or opportunities and knowing also that we do not all have the same degree of consciousness, health and material well-being :

Let’s try, please, to do “everything possible” to leave something new, something good and something different, to what perhaps our ancestors “did, said or left wrong” (maybe to lack of more awareness or possibilities) or for that other people we met (partenrs, ex-partners, lovers, friends, co-workers … etc) that “said, did or left wrong” in us or about ; because, dear reader, living is not just trying to get what we want or to make ourselves feel successful, complete and happy if not it´s also trying, to make others happy and complete within our possibilities, in the circumstances and confusion and confusion that “others generate” by having not good interests or, said in another way “for having bad intentions. ”

For those who still believe in Love, as creative energy … for those who believe in Love only, when someone loves them or when they are with someone … for those who do not know what to do with their days or with their lives … and for singles, for separated and / or for divorced ; remember :

“We are all passing through (in some moment) and no one it is essential but, we all have a value, a presence, a function and a frequency that makes, from each town or city, from each house or building, the difference.”

It does not happen with all people or in all cities, but some of us are dehumanizing and becoming unaccustomed to letting ourselves be known (as we really are) and to letting ourselves be loved, without hindrance or without selections . Yes, we fill our minds and ego with distractions, news and worries every day … we dress, put on makeup or swell up with muscles but, many of us have neither the self-esteem, nor the courage snd nor the dignity, SO great or SO pretty.

There are many people who don´t remember what it is to feel … many who don´t know how to listen and many what it is to love ; And now, to complicate things even more, there are many who fear to breathe and relate naturally.

Yes, unfortunately there are interests that distance us but, the worst thing is that there are also interests that “distance us from ourselves” and, some of us accept that or it for fear of being rejected or in other words, for being approved. Yes, unfortunately we allow “some things to happen” and we live anxious, disoriented and afraid, without giving ourselves permission to be surprised, hugged or discovered vulnerable and without arguments; Yes, it´s a shame but some of us feel a “kind of annoyance” when some one want to intimate with us or maybe just know us a little better and, we become sullen or hostile, intolerant and dissatisfied believing, that we can avoid suffering, love or Life.

Yes, we are getting used to “not needing and not depending” but, there are studies that remind us that every group, tribe or community needs, a number of members for their balance and for their survival.

It is true that the Contact Pages or the usual Social Networks have helped us, for some time, to discover other worlds and to interact with other people and cultures but, not always to reconnect or find ourselves again ; in fact, some people have become addicted or depressed because either they cannot find what they are looking for or because, they cannot get “the peace and satisfaction they long for.”

Today… where almost no one is what it seems (because some dress up too much, many do not know themselves and others prefer not to make themselves known) … where nothing is what we expected (maybe because “what we dream” is no longer or was not “what appeared before our eyes) … where we prefer to “walk on tiptoe” for fear of being hurt …. and where we prefer (to keep “dry clothes” and not get wet again by anyone) to relate virtually; I write to you, my reader friend, to remind that Life follows its course: with or without you, at its own pace, with nuances, with colors and also with shapes and appearances but also with backgrounds and depths because “in this times”, where some continue to fear, there are brave, there are conscientious and there are capable, of raising their self-esteem and frequency high so that, while they are in this world : they are seen, heard, loved and admired, not for what they were if not for what they managed to d, with their lives and souls.

Yes, some of us don’t care anymore how much toned muscles you have or the size of your breasts and, they also don’t care how long you last making love or the size of your sex ; What matters to some people now, is what you do or did to make others feel good before and/or after touching their bodies and/ or souls. Yes, what really matters to some is no longer just the image you post on a Social Network or the one that is reflected in a shop window or in the mirror of a gym but rather, the ability you have to make people smile, to make others feel good (with your empathy and naturalness) as a member of a tribe which is called:

The Great Community of Humanity.

I know, a nice body is attractive… as it is a nice house or a nice boat or car but , it´s also very nice and important your psychological health, your emotional – affective health and your healthy or sacred sexuality; the one based on the superficial, on the merely carnal or pornographic is no longer much more important for some. No, I am not shocked by sex or porn, what is shocking is seeing the number of people and days a week where, neither the body nor the soul are touched ; Yes, what is surprising is to see the number of lives that are not embraced, that are not valued, that are not respected because perhaps, they do not comply with stereotypes or ideas about beauty, success, desire … etc

Yes, what should scandalize us (because it is sad) is to see how many people do not allow themselves to be loved; and not because they do not need it but because they have fear to Love, to be recognized, accepted and/or valued or to feel vulnerable and exposed, Yes, what scandalizes or should scandalize us is not being able to love or to be touched cause we can be heard, seen or finally accepted.

Dear reader:

The country where you were born or your race does not matter to some people, nor does it determine anything about your profession, your hobbies or your beliefs because, in most cases these aspects are choices (due to social or family conditioning) and very rarely, by your own decision.

In reality, what you are and should matter to you is your essence; Not what you appear to be but what you do or made others feel.

Yes, we are more than what we see in a mirror and more, too, than we think or live in another time when we still lacked skills or awareness; we are a vibrating body and a latent life; And if your vital posture is that of not letting yourself be surprised, not letting yourself be loved and not letting yourself be known you have, ahead of you, a hard job to undo the armor or the breastplate that you have put on, to harm others and save yourself to live, without really living.

Reader friend:

“Let’s learn to look beyond appearances and love differences; Let us learn to love the presence of others and of everything, as part of the Mystery in which we are all of us involved.”

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